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TenGO Keyboard (v2.00) - VGA/WM5 Support Released! 2.00

TenGO Keyboard (v2.00) - VGA/WM5 Support Released! 2.00

TenGO Keyboard (v2.00) - VGA/WM5 Support Released! Publisher's Description


FAST typing in minutes, what more could you ask for?


  • Do you find it hard to peck on tiny keys?
  • Do you want to increase your typing speed without spending weeks to learn?
  • Do you want efficient text entry on the move?

TenGO is the fast and powerful mobile text entry method that is taking the world by storm. Based on the normal QWERTY keyboard, there is almost no learning required. In TenGO, you will work comfortably with BIG keys, with no sacrifice in screen display as you only have 6 Alphabet keys to type with.

Fast, Efficient, and Simple to use, TenGO is the revolution in mobile text entry!

Why TenGO?

  • Easy to manage 6 alphabet keys
  • Did we mention the keys were LARGE?
  • No compromise on display space
  • Same familiar keyboard layout - QWERTY!
  • Easy to learn and easy to become proficient
  • You can type for longer without getting tired
Simply, TenGO is speed without the pain. No pain to learn, no struggle to type fast, no sweat to type long!

How TenGO Works?

The principle behind TenGO is simple. The QWERTY character keys are grouped into 6 large input blocks so you need not aim precisely on the individual characters you wish to type.

For example, to type the word "palm", you can type anywhere on the block "yuiop", anywhere on the block "asdfg", anywhere on the block "hjkl" and anywhere on the block "bnm" to get the word choice "palm".

Imagine typing the word "palm" on the normal keyboard, you would have to swing from the right extreme to the left extreme, back to the right extreme!


Key Features

  • PPC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 compatible, including Phone Edition
  • New TenGO Nano layout with all-in-one numbers, TenGO alphabets, punctuation in front layout

  • Case correction feature - Allows correction of case of words even after typing
  • Quick edit feature - Allows easy edit of words
  • Fast adding of words to library feature - You can now add any word in a text content to the dictionary
  • Canned message/phrase feature - You can now easily store and quickly retrieve commonly used phrases/sentences/web addresses/smileys, etc.
  • Customize symbol list feature - You can now pick the order of punctuations/ symbols to be displayed
  • Language pack switching feature - You can now use various language libraries together (no limit to the number of languages you wish to install, and best of all, it's free for licensed users)
  • Punctuation paging feature - Tapping repeatedly on the punctuation/symbol key will cycle the pages of punctuations/symbols
  • Setting TenGO as default keyboard feature - No worries after soft-reset, TenGO will always be your preferred keyboard!
  • New TenGO Switching key at bottom right for fast switching between layouts, dictionaries, help, tutorial and settings
  • Get the 30-day FREE trial now to see what you have been missing!

    Multilingual Support

    Get Unlimited Language Packs Free!*

    TenGO supports input for multiple languages. The default dictionary that comes with TenGO v2.0 is English. Users can install the following additional language packs.

    *Note: You need to install TenGO v2.0 first.

    Tips on Using TenGO

    • Mentally "Spell" the word while you compose the word with your stylus (spelling loudly is ok too) - All the while just concentrating on the keys you are typing and not at the display
    • Look up at the hint window only when you have finished composing the word
    • Select a different word choice from the hint display if necessary
    • Check the screen output
    • Relax and try to go a bit faster once you get the hang of it and you will be a PRO in no time!

    Reviews & Awards

    We are not the only ones that think TenGO is good :)

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